Otherwhere can only be seen from around the corner.

Shadows are the ports of call
for Otherwhere.

The harsh light of the mind
is no help in finding Otherwhere.

Moonlight is best for seeing in Otherwhere.

Lovers of the night are its citizens.

They invite us to join them.

Henry 2018

Below is a saga,  a tale of the journey of a soul.  Called a visionary recital, this journey is ancient.  The geographical references in the story indicate its origins could well be Persia.  Excavations of manuscripts in a Egyptian monastery suggest it might have been brought back by the Apostle Thomas who heard it while in the prison of a Indian Raj.   Thomas was martyred on his second journey to India.   Some think it was sometime later that it was included in the Acts of Thomas found at Naj Hammadi in 1947.  Certainly existing long before Thomas heard it in prison it is well known and has been long studied. It is a wonderful tale of decent and ascent that introduces you to the phenomenal world.  It is one tale.

After you open it from the link below,  I suggest printing it out for study. Beneath the link, I have posed some questions to encourage you to look deeper into the text.  The questions will be about where you see yourself on your journey. In other words, what is your spiritual orientation?  Where are you?

Called The Hymn of the Pearl it is is a delightful invitation that comes to us from very ancient times.  This is what I call wisdom work.

Click here: https://solospiritus.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/The-Hymn-July-4th-2019.pdf
Once you begin your study of the text I am almost certain you will see yourself in much of this journey. I hope this will be the beginning of your journey into the Phenomenal World.

A few things to consider after reading Hymn of the Pearl.

  1. Can you find the “thin” spaces?
  2. Have your guides or counselors ever left you?
  3. How did the Prince get the Pearl?
  4. What did Egypt represent?
  5. Are you part of a Celestial family?
  6. How did the Prince wake up?
  7. What is the Pearl?
  8. How did you feel after reading this?

After you read the story and answer the questions, feel free to contact me by email. I look forward to hearing of your calling and your souls’ journey.

I hear my calling in this world.
But really,
it is from another.

Henry 2018

No advice. No judgement

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