Quiet and windless.

The stillness is Divine.

The world is at ease.

All we need is right here.

Henry 2019

Writing today is an effortless release.   Energy flows in wonderful connection. It is not perfect though. The lack of perfection is honest. The product, my actual words, are not that important. Later, perhaps for other generations, the importance might be apparent.   Today, on this Sun filled morning,  I catch just a glimmer of symmetry and sweetness.  It is a moment of Divine repose, that somehow, I understand completely – it’s all here.  I think it is best that way – open, honest and not perfect.

Thin Spaces

The Beings of the Phenomenal World voyage on “thin spaces”.    Piloting unseen ships, they quietly moor here to do the work of the Divine.  Then they are gone. There is more work they must do.

“Thin spaces” are portals to Otherwhere.  In Otherwhere, there are psychic highways that join all Beings with the Divine.  Otherwhere is also the place where our Being expands by Faith.  Obedience to our call in Otherwhere is where we take on our larger role. Our rightful place, I like to say. It is here I claim my inheritance and assume my responsibility.  This is my work space. I have all I need.


Over the course of life many of us find ourselves in the presence or thrall of “mirages”. These “mirages” are places of intense hysteria or trance where we are overcome by our own obsessions or the enormous energies of our societies and culture. Sometimes called egregores, these energies are spiritual entities that are not beings. They sweep the Earth continuously. The best way to work with them is through the light of consciousness. Thin spaces ground us so we can do this work.

Beyond Personality

And so, I have been called forth.  This is the call I answer. I turn my back to the abyss and turn my face to the Light of the Divine.  Behind me, there are the god-less beings of the abyss. I cannot put this on someone else. Only on this, my quest, can I go beyond the limits of my personality to freedom.  And, it is this is, my calling, that enables me to gently set aside the personality of my youth. I am obedient, now, to my Divine Self. I am  here in the Orient of Light.

Don’t go back to sleep.

No advice. No judgement.

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