These are my secrets.

They are the places I go

when I cannot go anymore.

I hope you have secret places.

Secret places and thin spaces

in Otherwhere.

Henry 2019

Imagine the worlds created by your imagination and intuition are real. Imagine, too, the fantasy world of your personality is about to be real too.  These worlds are you.  They are the truth of you.

Your feelings are the first actions of you. You are not alone. All beings are joined together in Divine ecstasy.

Nothing is wrong. Everything you intuit and everything you imagine, all your fantasies are exactly right. Everything is the way it is supposed to be. The breath of Eros is in you.  The Cosmos, in all its divinity, is in your breath.

Your grief, sorrow and, sometimes, terror are just for you. They arrive in perfect time. Nothing is planned. All Beings work together. Suns are ground up. Galaxies collapse, just for you.

Divine Passion

The Divine Passion is all there is. Eros is all around us and in us. Eros is all there is. There is nothing more.

How have I arrived at this? I am pretty sure I do not have a modern mind. I seem to have more in common with the ancients. I think, and have for some time, that ancient minds will prevail. Wisdom transmission seems more secure when looking through their eyes. The modern mind is far too dismissive to be much good. Not only dismissive but obsessively ideological and godless. Many unsuspecting moderns suffer in its thrall.

Ancient Mind

The case I am making is that Eros, a Divine primordial force, is fully present and active today. I am quite glad for this. I find much comedy and mischief that can only be the workings of Eros.

Apollo ridiculed Eros. A notoriously bad shot, Eros sent out an arrow of desire and passion which struck with great force in the heart of Apollo. Soon after, Apollo fell in love with the nymph Daphne. Much to the chagrin of Aphrodite, they were married. As Plato opined on the matter, such is the power of winged love in all its unpredictability.

Alchemy of Eros

I am not suggesting we build temples and offer sacrifice to Eros. What I am suggesting, the power, mystery, Divinity and alchemy of Eros is very real.  For Eros, the Cosmos is a better place. We all need love. All that I write is in homage to love and the Divine Work of Eros.

The Phenomenal World is the delight of Eros.

No advice. No judgements


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