Imagine I am you.

I feel what you feel.

I feel your lust

as you feel it.

Your tastes are mine.

When I look at you,

I see myself.

You are the one

I tell my secrets.

You are safe with me.

There is no other


you and me.

Henry 2019

Always changing, like our Earth, the spiritual landscape around us is constantly changing. The landscape of my youth was all about my personality. Today, I can venture farther than ever before.

There is so much, so vast, I want to err on the side of few words. Things will change, reality expands. I am in awe to have a glimpse.

Ordinary Reality – This is the reality of time and space. Gravity holds sway.  Personality is big.

Imaginal Reality – Our interior world. The domain of intuition, honesty and spirit. Personality is less big.

Otherwhere – Ever-moving, “thin spaces” connect my ordinary and imaginal reality to the Phenomenal World by Faith.   We can create our own “thin space” when we meditate on our Angel.  Personality is not considered.

Phenomenal World – The Spirit worlds of many unseen Beings – The Cosmos.

No advice. No judgements


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