I hear my footsteps but
I cannot see my feet.
They are like foam on a sandy shore
longing to return to Mother-ocean.

Riding on the night breezes,
I hear the voices of lovers from kingdoms and empires long ago.
Oh, I can barely hear them,
beautiful dream songs from far away galaxies,
once my home.

In the place between dreams and day,
numinous faces wait in the shadows.
I long for them.
I want to go again,
to be in their embrace.

Henry 2016

My sorrow will not compel the Phenomenal World to do my bidding. The Phenomenal World will not be forced. It is my longing and yearning which is the call that is heard. Humans can become so immersed in our own personal needs that the Phenomenal World loses interest. Humans get obsessed with our own glory. We enshrine our achievements and power in the building of enormous cities and vast empires. The quest for money and power blind us. The Phenomenal World only waits.

Our health is affected by our pursuits of pleasure and power. Fame and notoriety fawn over our personality. We lose our desire for the Divine and no longer hold ourselves in “waiting”. Our personality, now intolerable, and all we know, becomes a very cruel master. We dissipate. Our societies weaken because we have turned away from our Angelic messengers. We are asleep and no longer seek The Pearl. Our Earth suffers.


These are the signs of extinction. We face Apocalyptic doom in the same exact way: Ur, Babylon, Rome, the Mongols, and so many more, faced their Apocalypse. The Phenomenal World waits to hear our longing and yearning. The Phenomenal World sings to us with the songs found in dawn breezes and in the whispers of Angel wings. Sadly, when we are so caught in our personality and we can no longer hear these messages from the Divine, a dismal record will be written.

Personality devoid of its natural soul connection degrades to malevolence. Cities and nations are corrupted while the Phenomenal World waits.

Don’t go back to sleep.

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