My Angel said,

“Empty yourself!”

You mean me?

“Actually, not all of you.

There is in you a place that is too full.

That part is dragging you down.”

You, as a me,

that’s the part.”

The me is not

all that important.

You without the me,

is my Angle twin revealed.

Henry 2020

I have always loved the image of the three Magi, members of the Order of the Magi, riding camels silhouetted in the night sky. I imagine them as a star family following their star. We all have star families.  I think the Magi represent, and are, the star family of the Christ.  The Magi, the twelve, Mary, John the Baptist and many other Beings who we cannot know are the star family of Christ.

It is our first calling here on Earth is to seek our celestial family.   We seek those in whom we can see ourselves.  We look for the connection to the ones who can see us.

I cannot share myself with someone unless I can see myself, or at least, something of myself in them.  I have learned, they are ones that are on a different path.  They follow a different star.

Some follow a dark star.  They should be left to themselves.

I seek those who can see themselves in me.  Sometimes, this is very hard work.  It is the best work a human can do.

I write so you might see yourself in me.  My hope is that you would write back so I might see myself in you.  Together we will follow the star that calls us.

I think this is the basis for our reaching for the stars.  We long to meet beings like us.  I like to box.  Boxers look for a bout that is a true test.  Simply, we look for someone who is like us.  That is the making of a great match.  Much will be learned in the victory and pain.

I ask, what is the difference between galaxies colliding and a contest in the ring?

Together, as a star family and as a star people, we seek our unique star, our orientation to the Phenomenal Word.

Here are some, who for me, are wisdom carriers.  Bearers of star light:

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