Honesty is a place.

Intuition fills honesty with light.

Following my intuition is the most exciting thing I can imagine.

Embraced by intuition, I feel Divine.

Many Beings are here.


When I am not honest, all I can imagine is my personality.

Then, there is only one being present.

Henry 2019

I am a miraculous Being.  My call to the Phenomenal World is ancient but is very present as a living tradition of the miraculous.  It is here and now.  This is traditional because this call, a call of Faith, has been with humankind always.  The imaginal world is ‘heart’ that is connected with intuition through the magic of honesty.  Here is the connection.  Here is where the work begins.  It is not about the fantasies of personality.  This is the Divine call to enter the Imaginal World where human beings fully participate in the Phenomenal World that surrounds us and brings us life.   It is the imaginal world that is the gateway to  the “thin spaces” of Otherwhere.  Otherwhere is the doorway.   The place of repose as a twin

The “thin spaces” or Otherwhere is where the harmony of reason and faith is consummated by the Divine.

No advice. No judgements

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