calm and easy feelings.

I can breathe.

Breath is the bridge.

I am riding breath.

Going back and forth

between the two worlds.



Pulsing in Divine exhalation.

All Beings are moved by the Divine tides.

Henry 2019

We live on the farthest edges of Creation. In ecstasy, we are held in the Divine Connection though we are not fully awake enough to be aware that the connection exists.

Our knowledge is enigmatic. Science tell us (very recently) the Universe is expanding.  And, doing so at a rate much faster than previously imagined. The fearful think the Cosmos is breaking apart. Its’ not. At least as I see it. Even if that were true, it seems all apocalypses have happy endings anyway. It might take awhile but, in the end, life persists quite well.

The Order of the Magi

I am a traditionalist. Like the Magi, I see the Divine in Nature. They saw it with perfect clarity and followed what they saw. The Magi had it right. I want to do that too.  I like what they did. The moon, sun and stars, fully conscious, are miracles.

Recent calculations and speculations of science, without much evidence, hold that “dark matter” is the stuff that holds the cosmos together – as some unseen force. I agree about the unseen force part of it, but, to me,  it is not “some sort of dark matter” but, rather, it is psychic energy that is the force that drives and holds all of Creation. It seems so obvious.

Psychic Energy

The opposite of gravity which holds all together through mass is Physic Energy. Psychic Energy, is probably not a wave form. It is thus far, also not quantifiable.  It is this Divine Push which hurtles us outward. It is an accumulation of transformed life energy.  It is the work of the Divine Alchemist.  Every being, every blade of grass and every bacterium from all the cosmos is the driver. This totality of psychic mass is currently and very vaguely understood, mystically, as consciousness. It is, in its simplest expression, the Spark of life.

Perhaps here, in these competing speculations, lie the solution to humanities greatest challenge, the harmony of reason and faith.

No advice. No judgements


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