Imagine I am you.

I feel what you feel.

I feel your lust

just as you feel it.

Your tastes are mine.

When I look at you,

I see myself.

You are the one I tell my secrets.

You are safe with me.

There is no other but

you and me.

Henry 2019

Where is my gaze?  What do I hear?  These are the most powerful questions of my daily practice.  I pass them on to you in hopes you will find them equally useful in your practice.

By practice, I mean your meditation, reflection, contemplation or, in the largest scope of your imaginal world, your gaze.

Tantra of the Phenomenal World

It is to my Angel that I give my attention and intention.  The actual practice is first to enter into my own “Thin Space” and, in that space, stand in the presence of the Being that is me.   This is the me that is me as a celestial body or perhaps, me in my resurrection body.

My Angel waits for me to set aside the impediments of my personality so that there is a place where we can be truly joined in the power of Tantric creation.   Maya, or the world of illusion, can now be disassembled and rebuilt with the force of Tantra as a creative power.

Illusions emerge very easily from mono-cultures.  Mono-cultures work really hard to preserve and empower themselves.  They are all around us as:  ideologies, cults, societies, businesses, religions, tribes or many other closed systems.  Doctrine, dogmas, ideologies, rules and taboos are the tools of compulsion necessary to maintain these organisms.  And, organisms they are.  They are not ones easily understood though.  These organisms, or entities are egregores.  They are spiritual entities that are not beings.  They have bedeviled and enslaved humanity since the beginning of time and will be here as we long as we are here.  They are murderous and demand blood.

Egregores cause great distress.  They are malignant personalities brought into this world to exert the power of personality though the energy of personality.  They are energetic beings who feed on human fears, greed, lust and violence.  Sadly, many have given themselves over to these forces.

Leadership of Light

Battling them or trying to defeat them by overcoming them is useless as they feed on the conflict and destruction.  The only answer is to shine on them the light of consciousness.  To not succumb to their enticements.  We are never without choice and the solution is not never choose what they offer.

We ask, to “be delivered from evil”.  Defeating evil is not our task.  Defending our right to create and multiply is imperative.   Our path is true and clear by refusing false choices, even though there will be blood.  I must never forget,  all is need is here.  This is what I know now.

Just as we must exert our faith, we must also exert our body. We need our maximum charge to stay healthy and strong. The challenge to bring our world of time and space into harmony and unity with the Phenomenal World is taking me to new heights of Being. Other Beings, now, can emerge and show themselves. To me, this is the work of manifestation and learning to integrate with the Phenomenal World.

I want to be integrated with the Phenomenal Me.  The Phenomenal Me that is my Angel, my twin, my Other Body.

This is the ecstatic connection that is more important than my personality.


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