Otherwhere is on fire!
My house is in flames.
Flames are eating all I own.
People are running back and forth
through the front door.
All are welcome.  

Henry 2018

My name is Henry. My heritage, my life here on Earth, begins with two sisters from the ancient Middle East. Both sisters are from the J haplotype. The two sisters then were designated to be J1 and J2. I am descended from type J1. J1’s, most likely, were fair skinned Persians from Northern Iran or regions around the Caspian Sea.  Most likely they were Zoroastrians who traveled far and wide.  Eventually, evolving to become Mithrians, they joined other tribes and came to Northern Europe as Goths.  Later, they evolved to become the Norse people whose gods carried many of the traditions of Mithra. 

And so, according to 23andMe, a genetic testing company, I am a Viking. My father was born in Denmark while the rest of my family are predominantly Norwegian, Danish and German.


My birth began on Shippan Point, a small rocky point in Connecticut on Long Island Sound.   The night was a September night of a 100 percent full Autumn moon.   My Sun sign is Virgo.   My moon is Pisces.

My past is mysterious, even to me. Explaining me in the rough words of ordinary reality is not possible. I like it that way. The mystery is desirable. I am not letters after my name, the amount of wealth I possess or any of the typical attributes of personality. My real identity is my soul’s identity.

Out of Body

When I was seven I had an out of body experience in my bedroom.  I was floating above myself,  seeing myself.  I remember it as a moment of complete placidity.  I never thought it remarkable until many years later.   

My Angel

When I was 11 I had a physical experience of the divine while sitting in the pew of my church. I felt extreme joy.  It was as though I was being stroked by the wings of angels.  I knew I was beautiful. 

A Being Speaks

When I was 23, and very agitated and upset, I had a Being speak to me in my own words.  I was truly comforted.   My  formal initiation occurred when I was in my early 60’s.  A few years later, when I was in my mid 60’s, I had an awakening about my own childhood.  During that awakening I came to know honesty is a place.  I could feel it physically. I am glad I still can. 


Slowly, after that, I began realizing an awareness of the Heavily Dome.  In an entirely different way, I can feel the Divine Sea.  All I want to do is float in it and gaze at the Dome of Heaven.   Divine buoyancy.   From and through these events and feelings I have found comfort, balance and orientation.  I am grateful, much has occurred and I am very thankful in every way but I am not quick to forget the difficulty that shows up when I will not do my work. 

Mischief and Troubles

And sometimes, in spite of the work I do, there are many mischievous and malevolent beings that are intent to bring their own troubles.  Beings of contrast, they can be very disruptive to my orientation.   The abyss seems not far away. Staring at the abyss, transfixed and en thrall is its own kind of terror.  Fear can overcome honesty if there is no faith.  Faith requires exertion.   Faith is a force which awakens our highest selves. Faith is summoned.  Without Faith, Sovereignty can feel far off.

These are phenomenal events which occurred in ordinary reality. They are some of the things that have made up the journey of my soul.


Looking back, I had a tumultuous, if not tormented,  childhood.  In spite of the adversity, I never gave in. I found innumerable ways to escape through sports, reading and other social outlets. I was a tragic student but I held on with all my being.  Small touches from the Phenomenal World were all I had and I embraced each encounter. I knew they were good.

Like so many young boys, I made many mistakes, some quite huge. Failures were endless and successes were so few I never believed them. My best and finest attribute was, good luck. My most important and life saving luck was what I call, “ being touched” I held on to each of those moments and actively pursued more. In those days, I called myself a seeker.


I have learned not to be a seeker. The Phenomenal World cannot be sought, commanded or learned. Actually, I begged not to be a seeker.

The Phenomenal World comes to us from our longing and yearning.

Trembling in the night,
I stand in the bushes.

The stars are not singing.

Intense sadness.

How did I get here.
Where am I?

There is no Orient.
I am young.

I am alone in Otherwhere. And,
my Guides have left.

A very loud voice, my own, sharp
and clear.

You do not know now,
but someday you will. 

Henry 2019

On a hill at Silvermine  

New Canaan, Ct

Ordinary reality has lots of both joy and grief.  Rumi says it best, “your pure sadness that wants help is the secret cup.”  When I allow myself to feel my sorrows, I understand now, great joy can also also be equally allowed. My personality, though,  had to be confronted.  I was stuck.  Talking to my personality was no help. 

Exertion of Faith

Transforming my personality is being done by Psychic Force.  It is almost like having to go to the gym.  My personality is in my body.  This is body work that develops Psychic Energy.  Exertion and concentration are, for me, the work.  Simply expressed, in my own understanding, part of the work is gently setting down my personality.  I will come back later for it.  Wisdom guides the work.  I must effort.

In Ordinary Reality, managing personality is totally exhausting and futile. Soon though, as I effort in Faith, I encounter the Divine and my chance to kiss the Divine Flame.  Like a moth in a flame, I am incinerated by the Divine.  My annihilation is the moment of Divine embrace. 

In all of this, I found my situation beneath a Heavenly Dome and floating on the Divine Sea.  The light of the Divine Flame ever draws me.


The blazing light of the Divine bared my soul and honesty is all I had.  I knew I had awakened to the Phenomenal World. I could feel the Divine Sea and the Heavenly Dome.

My experiences, found in the events I am passing on to you, are meant to be inspirational.  My hope, that your journey can be oriented under your heavenly cover. In other words, this is about the discovery of your situation and the journey of your soul.


Beyond just the events of our lives, there comes a time for initiation. Initiation is the time and place where we make a conscious decision to do our shadow work and enter into the phenomenal world. This is the moment of alchemy where our soul is changed in phenomenal ways that enable us to understand our own descent and ascent.

The ordinary events of our lives are very important but they are best understood as a contrast to the phenomenal life we could be living. The phenomenal life is by invitation and initiation.

The journey of the soul has been understood throughout human history. The work we are going to do started in the ancient world. We are on an ancient journey. The story we are going to use to understand our situation, likely,  comes to us from before Christ.

You’re going to have to do your work. Things you don’t understand, you will  have to research. You will need to be a student of the Phenomenal World. It’s a joyful work. The most important thing you can bring to this world is honesty.


The Phenomenal World is a world of mystery. Not everything is immediately apparent or obvious. There are many things that will remain secret. They will be revealed, just not immediately and maybe not in your lifetime. You will move from the ordinary world to the phenomenal world continuously. 

I do not know any names.  My encounters have not been such that I know, by name, any Being.  I do not feel disadvantaged or left out.  I know what I need to know and that feels just right.

Still, I needed to feed the dog, take out the trash and tend to my business.  So, I realized, I had little choice but to “keep all this” and take it out my front door  walk around and  trust that what has happened  will make sense.  In the Phenomenal World, the Dome above the Divine Sea is real life on a Cosmic scale.

It is incredible to walk out the front door and realize, I am blessed  beyond my understanding. Yes!  

I feel quit sensible after all.

No advice. No judgement

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