Solospiritus – One Breath In Two Worlds

We sail

 on the Divine Sea.

Our Pilot, a Heavenly Guide,

sets our course through the night

with no shore in sight.

Henry 2019

A homage to Rumi


The Being that is me is both the lover and the loved.  I am not plural or dual.  I am a twin, we are here now.  We are star followers.

With me is an angel, a non physical Being who is very present here also.  We are twins experiencing the gift of life.  I am here with my celestial family not all of whom do I know.  And, like the Magi, we follow the same star.  This is what I choose.

My choice is my praise to my Creator,  the Life Giver.  To me, this is the ultimate expression of the ecstasy of creation.

To be both the lover and the loved is all there is.

The rational mind will never understand.


The Divine Unknown

Just beyond my everyday thinking, I am drawn, without relent, to the Divine. The Divine is a sacred space filled with all I do not know. The Divine is the Mystery of what I do not know becoming the awakening for which I long. It is all before me.

It is the same as the mystery of being both the lover and the loved. My angel is me in the two worlds of the known and the apparent.

The Divine Sea Under the Heavenly Dome

We are one united Being, in one body, yet we breathe in the two worlds. This is Divine Perfection found in the duality of the Ordinary Realty of time and space and the Apparent Reality of Divine Hierarchies.  Think of this, analogously, as the Lover and the Loved. One breath is in the world of ordinary reality and the other in the Phenomenal World (one breath in two worlds). They are the duality of real and apparent i.e. the Phenomenal World as it appears.  In ordinary reality we live in time and space. In the Phenomenal World we live outside of time beneath the Heavenly Dome and above the Divine Sea. How can this be? How can this not be?

Orient of Light

We know because we have been gifted.  We have been blessed, each of us.  As blessed Beings we have all been given all we need.  Each of us receive the revelations, dreams, awakenings, prophetic visions and inklings of Beings.  Coming to us in moments of profound honesty these are the longings and yearnings that are our gifts from the Divine.  Called, by the ancients the Orient of Light, this is, now, our orientation to the Light of the Divine. We are alive!  All of the Cosmos, the planets, stars and galaxies are alive and conscious just a we are conscious.  It is Divine.  All of it.

Psychic Power of Faith

The Phenomenal World is a land, a place, a vision that is manifested Faith expressed through yearning and longing.  These two things represent an accumulation of psychic power that is latent and finally, when in accord, directed by obedience to the Divine. The Phenomenal World is filled with many conscious Beings.  Some in obedience and some in rebellion

My personality, shaped by the psychic power of faith,  is a blessed part of my body. By Faith, then, my personality is in its rightful place in the Hierarchies of my Being. When not  properly in Divine Hierarchy, personality is very dangerous. These are the blessings, for me, that are present. They are:  Honesty, Faith and Wisdom.

Honesty is the how I access intuition. Honesty is without judgement.  Intuition is access to the Divine Mind.

Faith is exertion that awakens my highest psychic energies.  Attachments must be released.

Wisdom is effortless understanding. Obedience opens the channel that is where we must go to work with our shadow. Shadow work is the work that must be done for the completeness of sovereignty.  This is my Divine Connection.  This is where I find meaning and the larger awareness of my Angel.

In my Sovereignty and ecstasy, there is the syncopation of breath. Inhaling and exhaling, I am deeply myself.  I am home in the Phenomenal World.

No advice. No judgement.


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